Owning a dog doesn't come with a manual... until now!

Snoot is the Dog Owner's Guide to Everything.

Get informed and be the best puppy parent you can be. 

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Whether you're a first time dog owner or parent of both humans and dogs, we've got you covered. 

Pre-Adoption Prep

Get a quick and ruff rundown of the basics of dog ownership. Straight to the point and simple, so you can avoid any unwated surprises. 

New Owner Crash Course

Want to get your family on the right track to a stress-free dog life, but don't know how? We'll provide the tools you need. 

Advanced Education and Discussion

Take your dog ownership to the next level with our expert discussion, and ever-growing list of advanced courses.

1 in 10  

That's the number of dogs  returned to rescue for simple and avoidable problems early on. With Snoot, you won't be a statistic. 

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Pre-Adoption Primer

Hit the ground running with our starter guide on what it takes to own a dog. From the yearly costs to what to expect at the vet. This quick primer will make sure you don't get blindsided on day 1 as a dog parent!

New Owner Crash Course

Bringing a new dog into your home is a challenge like no other, and this course will give you the rundown on what you and your family need to know and do in the first weeks and months as responsible new dog owners. 

Basic Training and

Health Guides

Help your kids keep their word that they would take care of the new family dog. This course will give you everything you need to build good habits in both human and canine members of the family. 

When you finish your Crash Course, receive access to the Snoot online community.   

Join the growing community of responsible and supportive dog owners in a community curated by knowledgable professionals. No more guess-work, no more nonsense, just a fun and stress-free life with your dog, exactly how you had hoped.

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